Angie Kwiatkowski
PMU Training

I want to inspire with my passion. I want to show my students how many different possibilities and opportunities micropigmentation can bring. During my classes I teach through my professional experience, combining theory with hands on practice. I believe in mentoring and support after training. I try to keep in touch with my students.The biggest reward for me is the relationship with the them, watching their progression and their development.

Advanced Permanent Makeup Classes


Technique based on perfect shading of the eyebrow, emphasizing more defined bottom line and soft transitions to the top and front, creating perfect gradient. The technique is designed for all women who value natural and soft look. There are very different names on the market – pixel, henna, ombre, velor, shadow, stardust – looking closely at the effects that are obtained using all the above methods, you can conclude that they are exactly the same, and the names are rather marketing buzz words.

Hair Strokes Eyebrows – 2 Days (coming soon)


This training concentrated on all aspects of eyeliner pigmentation. The eyeliner is one of the most difficult areas in permanent makeup. Psychological aspect and certain fears of the clients before needle entering the skin and natural eyes responds like tearing, muscles tightening make our work more difficult. Mastering the proper eyeliner technique ensures comfort for both the client and PMU artist. Skilled pigmentation will allow to achieve satisfactory results in the shortest possible time, avoiding much irritation. The proper shape of the decorative liner should closely correspond with client’s natural eyes shape to enhance their beauty. Learning how to approach different eyelids ( young, mature, vascular) will assure successful and safe pigmentation.


Lips is an area that, after basic training, probably causes the most sleepless nights. When you learn to understand how to work on lips , they will repay you with beautiful pigment stabilization. The appropriate anesthesia and preparations used during work have a significant influence on the quality of the treatment. However, the key is to understand delicate area and approach pigmentation in correct manner. The “aquarelle lips” permanent makeup technique, that can achieve a delicate and soft color implantation and improve contour without creating visible lip line. This technique is done using single needle to softly deposit pigment for most natural results.

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