Set 0f 6 Hanami Pigments. Each bottle is 10 mL

Colors included: Porto, Bolero, Sweet Pepper, Flamenco, Chili, and Salsa

Porto: The color of strong red wine, classic burgundy. Highly covering, giving the effect of pomade, for women expecting expressive effects of pigmentation.

Bolero: Intense shade of raspberry red. Depending on the used technique, it can be highly opaque, giving the effect of a lipstick, as well as being perfect for light pigmentation of the lips such as Aquarelle, Ombre or 3D.

Sweet Pepper: Elegant, traditional, classic red with a cool nuance, with a luminous effect. It can be used alone and to enhance other colors.

Flamenco: Fresh strawberry red with a luminous glow (luminance). Gives the red lip a glow and character. Once healed, your lips will turn into a fresh reddish-pink, orange and pomade color.

Chili: Intense, strongly covering, deep, classic red in a shade of hot pepper. Expressive color for bold pigmentation, warming and enhancing other pigments.

Salsa: Intense poppy red with an orange nuance. Highly saturated pigment can be used alone as well as to warm up any other color.