Set 0f 6 Hanami Pigments. Each bottle is 10 mL

Colors included: Orchid, Scarlet, Grape, Dirty Pink, Mallow, and Juicy Pink

Orchid: Intense, dark pink, turning purple. Depending on the technique, it can be highly opaque, giving the effect of a pomade, and is also perfect for lighter lip

Scarlet: The color of royal purple. It is a combination of red and fuchsia. It will give the lips elegance, and after healing, we will obtain the effect of deep pink or cool red, depending on the color of the client’s natural red lip.

Grape: Dark, dirty pink in grape shade. It can be used alone or as a shade for other colors
in the rose palette. You can make it warmer by adding reds from the Hanami line.

Dirty Pink: Dirty pink in a neutral tone. Perfect for the pigmentation of the red lip in order to
obtain a pink shade. For better coverage, add Flash Light and Virgin to it, which will slightly warm it up

Mallow: A delicate pink with a warm nuance. Perfect for the pigmentation of bright red lip
for a natural, subtle pink effect.

Juicy Pink: Juicy pink with a hint of red. After healing, it gives an effect in the shade of strawberry sorbet, with a characteristic hint of red.