3 Bottles of 2.5 mL each

Inorganic Green Grey

Suggested for: use directly to obtain a Light Taupe Blonde; Light Ash Brown Eyebrow for cool skin undertones. On warm undertones, a light brown will be achieved.

Mix with: to obtain a golden blonde for cool undertones, add a small amount of 203 Tamari. To achieve a warm blonde, add a very small amount of inorganic red or any warm brown. Use directly to neutralize red, orange eyebrows. Add Coffee 201 to obtain a grey/olive shade.

To consider: for camouflaging, add a small quantity to equalize skin tones or obtain a gray/olive base. Use to modify any pigment which has a red base to avoid red. Use in mixtures to prevent from turning reddish/pink. Use in mixtures to correct Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Areola procedures that have turned reddish/pink.