Set 0f 6 Hanami Pigments. Each bottle is 10 mL

Colors included: Romance, Camelia, Mirabel, Coral, Virgin, and Skimia

Romance: Delicate, pastel pink in cool tones. Perfect for Aquarelle, Ombre, 3D (points of light) techniques.

Camelia: Warm pastel pink in a shade of peach. Perfect for the Aquarelle, Ombre, 3D (light points) technique. Perfect for lip pigmentation in Nude colors with a warm nuance with the addition of Virgin.

Mirabel: The color of pastel peach. Used alone, it will give the effect of bright lips. Perfect for illuminating the inner part of the lips, both in the Ombre and 3D technique.

Coral: Coral, warm red pigment in warm tones. Perfect for warming blue, dark red lips. Perfect for the pigmentation of the lips of mature clients

Virgin: Bright pigment in rose wood color in warm tones. Perfect for lip pigmentation in nude shades. Provides good coverage, giving the lips a pomade effect.

Skimia: A shade of warm brown with a burgundy nuance. Color from the nude palette in a stronger edition. Perfect for customers who expect expressive shades in earth tones.