Set 0f 8 Hanami Pigments. Each bottle is 10 mL

Colors included: Brown Black, Black Coffee, Sepia, Golden Brown, Maranti, Blond, Cider, and Ginger.

Brown Black: Intense, dark brown, referred to as brown black. With cool color types, it can develop into a cool shade. Perfect for dark browns and brunettes. It is characterized by intense coverage, so it should be pigmented with sensitivity.

Black Coffee: A shade of dark neutral brown. Intensive, highly covering pigment, stable in the
skin. Perfect for dark browns and brunettes who expect expressive effects.

Sepia: Medium, neutral brown. Perfect for any color type. Perfect for dark-haired blondes, brown-haired and brunettes who expect a visible but natural effect.

Golden Brown: A shade of medium brown with a warm nuance. Perfect for blondes and fair-haired girls. Luminous brown with a lot of yellow. Perfect for fair complexions, golden freckles.

Maranti: A shade of medium brown with a warm nuance. Perfect for blondes, brown-haired women, clients with red, cognac hair, with freckles and mature skin.

Blond: The shade of light brown, dedicated to fair complexions. Perfect for clients with
blonde and gray hair and mature skin. With a cool color type, it will develop into a cool shade.

Cider: Olive mustard pigment. It contains yellow color and a shade of green. Used alone, it is used
to modify / neutralize red, salmon and orange eyebrows.

Ginger: Pumpkin shade pigment. Modifier / neutralizer for cool eyebrows falling into purple,
gray, blue.