Specific colour for trichological dermopigmentation, pre-neutralized to avoid colour alterations over time.
Suggested for: it has a specific formulation allowing it to be injected easily in the different areas of the scalp while ensuring that the stroke is clean and soft whatever the te chnique chosen.
The exclusive Clinita formulation facilitates the work of professionals thanks to its well-balanced viscosity.
It helps to make your work flawless and long lasting while ensuring bioreabsorption to accommodate physiological changes over time. Perfect for its: Density, volume, shaved effect, MP or HH.
This specific new formulation stems from years of research and development in collaboration with the most demanding and advanced professionals.
In the subtractive theory of colour, Bistro is the sum of primary colours from which a perfectly balanced colour is obtained.
This magic effect has been translated into a pigment to enhance your creations.
V 8/9
T 0