Permanent Makeup Services

Eyebrow Ombre / Shading Technique$700

Shading technique for eyebrows

Eyebrows Combined Technique$700

Hair strokes combined with shading technique for eyebrows

Classic Eyeliner (upper and lower)$700


Soft Eyeliner (upper)$500

Shading technique with two (and more) colors for eyeliner

Shaded Eyeliner (upper)$550

Eyeliner with no hard “edges”

Lips Aquarelle Technique$800

Natural effect for lips

Lips Lipstick Technique$800

Full lip color

Interested in being a model for one of my classes? Space is limited and prices are discounted to have PMU completed by one of students during class. Contact us for more info on class dates.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Angie has performed hundreds of procedures and is recommended by several Board Certified plastic surgeons and physicians in the Chicagoland area.